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04.08.2022 в 12:19,
Hard news

According to TrendForce, DRAM market demand bit growth will only amount to 8.3% in 2023, sub-10% for the first time in history, and far lower than supply-side bit growth of approximately 14.1%. Data i

ndicates the DRAM market to be severely oversupplied at least in 2023 and prices may continue to decline. NAND Flash is still in a state of oversupply and, although prices are expected to fall in the  ...

Автор: TheLostSwede
Источник: https://www.techpowerup.com/297474/historically-low-2023-dram-demand-bit-growth-at-only-8-3-nand-flash-expected-to-drive-installed-capacity-growth-due-to-falling-prices