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23.11.2022 в 20:05,
Hard news

Semiconductor manufacturing is a significant investment that requires long lead times and constant improvement. According to the latest DigiTimes report, the pricing of a 3 nm wafer is expected to rea

ch $20,000, which is a 25% increase in price over a 5 nm wafer. For 7 nm, TSMC managed to produce it for "just" $10,000; for 5 nm, it costs the company to make it for the $16,000 mark. And f ...

Автор: AleksandarK
Источник: https://www.techpowerup.com/301393/tsmc-3-nm-wafer-pricing-to-reach-usd-20-000-next-gen-cpus-gpus-to-be-more-expensive