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24.11.2022 в 12:12,
Hard news

Although the RTX 4080 brings a big performance bump over the RTX 3080, it costs US$500 more for the Founders Edition SKU. Owing to this price bump, reports have suggested that the card isn’t selling a

s well as the RTX 4090. The latest story comes from Tom’s Hardware which looked at eBay sales for the RTX 4080 since launch and found out that the board is underselling by a factor of 3.4 vs the RTX 4 ...

Автор: notebookcheck.net
Источник: https://www.notebookcheck.net/Scalped-RTX-4080-GPUs-are-apparently-selling-3x-worse-than-RTX-4090-cards-on-eBay.670268.0.html