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28.11.2022 в 12:52,
Hard news

TrendForce's latest research finds that shipments of display panels used in notebook computers (NB panels) came to 13.5 million pieces (pcs) in this October, showing a MoM drop of 16.1% and a YoY drop

of 45.0%. Based on TrendForce's tracking of NB panel shipments, this figure is a 10-year low for the month of October. Moving into 4Q22, TrendForce expects NB panel shipments to remain in a slump bec ...

Автор: TheLostSwede
Источник: https://www.techpowerup.com/301528/notebook-panel-shipments-in-october-dropped-to-a-decade-low-for-that-month-and-will-remain-in-a-slump-in-4q22