G.Skill’s Zeta R5 NEO Are The Perfect Overclocked DDR5 R-DIMM Memory Kits For AMD’s Threadripper 7000 CPUs

21.11.2023 в 14:18,
Hard news

G.Skill has announced its latest Zeta R5 NEO Overclocked DDR5 R-DIMM memory kits which are designed for AMD Threadripper 7000 CPUs. These memory kits come in up to 128 GB capacities and offer speeds o

f up to 6400 MT/s with timings as low as CL32, making them a great fit for the latest HEDT Threadripper platforms. Zeta R5 NEO Is G.Skill's Latest DDR5 R-DIMM Memory Solution For AMD Threadripper 7000 ...

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