Loongson 3A6000 CPU Reportedly Matches AMD Zen 4 and Intel Raptor Lake IPC

13.02.2024 в 10:46,
Hard news

China's homegrown Loongson 3A6000 CPU shows promise but still needs to catch up AMD and Intel's latest offerings in real-world performance. According to benchmarks by Chinese tech reviewer Geekerwan,

the 3A6000 has instructions per clock (IPC) on par with AMD's Zen 4 architecture and Intel's Raptor Lake. Using the SPEC CPU 2017 processor benchmark, Geekerwan has clocked all the CPUs at 2.5 GHs to  ...

Автор: AleksandarK
Источник: https://www.techpowerup.com/319040/loongson-3a6000-cpu-reportedly-matches-amd-zen-4-and-intel-raptor-lake-ipc