Новости высоких технологий

11.10.2021 в 14:17,
Hard news

SkyHigh Memory Limited., a global leader in embedded storage solutions, is introducing 3.0 V 1 Gb - 4 Gb densities 4 KB page and 2 KB page ML-3 products to its family of NAND Flash memories. The new 1

Gb - 4 Gb ML-3 SLC NAND Flash product family devices are designed on 1xnm, the industry's most advanced technology node for SLC NAND products. Available with different interfaces, SkyHigh Memory firs ...

Автор: TheLostSwede
Источник: https://www.techpowerup.com/287706/skyhigh-memory-expands-its-single-level-cell-slc-nand-flash-memory-family-on-1xnm-process-technology-one-of-the-industrys-most-advanced-technology