AMD Strix Point “Ryzen” APU With 12 Zen 5 Cores On Par With 8-Core Ryzen 7 7700X “Zen 4” In Early Blender Leak

16.05.2024 в 14:30,
Hard news

A brand new benchmark of the upcoming AMD Ryzen "Strix Point" APU with 12 Zen 5 cores has leaked out & is on par with the 7700X. AMD's Ryzen "Strix Point" APU With 12 Zen 5 Cores Leaked In Blender

Benchmark, On Par With Desktop Ryzen 7 7700X With 8 Zen 4 Cores So how exactly do we know this is an AMD Strix Point "Ryzen" APU? Well, similar OPN IDs have leaked out multiple times before this benc ...